[Glitch] Momentus' Abra-Ca-Dabra!

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  1. I was out in the frontier and spotted an unexpected momentus. I quickly turned my ps to 1 and was shocked that it was in the ground?
    (You can see the swiftness potions I picked up from Qkazoochan :p those will be gone later...)
    I turned to look at some mob and the momentus disappeared. :eek:
    Then, when I go and break a block, the momentus(remember he is underground) reappears and suffocated me in grass blocks. :mad:

    (it had to be grass blocks :p)

    To recap:
    I discover momentus
    Momentus disappears
    Momentus reappears
    Momentus somehow draws me in and suffocates me (no caves)
    I die.

    Someone explain this? :eek:
  2. I've noticed that if you are close to him he doesn't appear. Much like the beam of a beacons. Only when you tilt the camera view, does he appear.
  3. How is he underground though?
  4. He spawns inside the ground sometimes.
  5. 1) if Momentus resets as he does from time to time his position will be shifted a little horizontally, but not vertically up. When this happens he can get stuck into a mountain. 2) momentus does not appear visually if you are too close at the wrong angle. 3) momentus's hit box is pretty big.....I imagine he shifted into the mountain side, you went over and started digging around where he was but you didn't see him..you accidentally hit him and started combat...then he teleported you to him in at his feet where you were suffocated. This is my theory of what happened in your case.
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