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  1. As I was excavating some dirt from my primary res (10814) I ran into a glitch:
    1. I was carrying a used enhanced iron shovel (Unbreaking III, Efficiency II) and an enhanced diamond shovel (Unbreaking III, Efficiency V) .
    2. The used iron shovel broke and it reappear (like I threw it away).
    3. I picked up the used iron shovel and dug an additional 2-3 dirt blocks before it broke again. This happen twice.
    4. EDIT A third time the used iron shovel broke I picked it up again but this time it was an unused diamond shovel (exact copy to the one I was carry to use when the iron shovel broke). EDIT - see below
    5. Also at this same time I got the issue where you can't move forward like something is blocking your path (you know the one where you have to PM an admin or get someone else to come over and break the item that you can't see). -1013 20 836
    Not sure what to do, so not to take advantage of this glitch I have the "cloned" unused diamond shovel in a chest until such time I hear back from an admin.

    EDIT - After writing this blog, I clicked on diamond shovel that was in my hand, moved it into my inventory, and it changed backed to the old used iron shovel. Like I can't get rid of the used iron shovel.
  2. I finally got rid of the iron shovel, it finally broke for good.

    Also, the glitch where I couldn't move is fixed.
  3. I can answer the invisible block better than the half-broken tool. That glitch appears when a block appears to be broken by your client but it actually isn't. In the future, simply relogging will fix it.
  4. Ahh, I found a simple fix without logging out. Attempt to place a torch where you're getting blocked and the invisible block appears. Then you just take it out