[Givingaway] StarWars Lightsaber banners

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  1. Giving away Lightsaber banners in your choice of colors:
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Purple
    The chests are on my first res: 16061
    You may take more then one but take into consideration other may want them and i can only make them if i am on please take a maximum of 1 of each.
    Chest spammers will have their move perms removed.
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  2. Great quality...they will last a while as long as you don't throw it into a cactus or lava. I give this product 10/10 stars. ....Also fun to pretend you have the force. :D
  3. These are awesome :p Now i have a lightsaber advert lol. Thanks for doing this and please only take one of each ppl. Then others can enjoy aswell =)
  4. These are perfect quality for friendy lebuff 11/10, highly recommended for preparing dinner as well.
  5. Awesome Banners!!! love them!!!!!

  7. Sweet banners! Really creative and unique idea. :D
  8. Cool! consider selling them in the future.
  9. Great looking banners, thanks ruari. :)