Giving away a DRAGON EGG at 405 now!

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  1. The egg has been found :)

    I'm going to be holding a giveaway on SMP1 at 405 to celebrate the launch of my new store. To participate, just try and find the access everyone chest with the egg in it!

    The doors will open in around 10 minutes, so hurry. :)
  2. Woah massive giveaway! I'll be there! :)
  3. Oh wow sad I had to go right now :(
  4. Find it now, the doors are open!
  5. Of course I can't log in the moment it starts -_-
  6. The egg was found by Superval :) Congratulations to him.

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  7. I want one :(
  8. Woah ;o that's nice of you Alex. Congratz superval :)!
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  9. :(.. Curse you, Tam-Tara Deepcroft.. FF14 made me miss a chance at a Dragon Egg.. :oops:

  10. Thanks :)
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  11. Lunch made me miss it :p
  12. Damn soccer, made me miss it :( I literally had my game at the exact same time as you started.