Giving 1000 Rupees to the person who can take me to a monster spawner !

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  1. I am NOT going to destroy it! And i will NOT tell anybody about it, i am going to use it for killig the "Mobs" so i can get high level and upgrade my items ;)
  2. i think i have one, let me make sure, but im in orlando florida on a hotel computer, so you would have to wait, sorry
  3. ill show u there right now if u want
  4. would somone show me for 1r? :rolleyes:
  5. truffle i will show you
  6. oh sorry i thought u meant the guy who pays my bad =P
  7. Sorry Guys, i have already found one ; )
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  8. k thanks. is it part of the crown? and is it far? if its far im not going! XD
  9. No not to far, tell me when
    you want to