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  1. Well, i have been on empire for oven an year but my time with emc community is close to an end.
    I've been looking for a mega-mall to sell everything to have some money in case I return but Im too lazy and didn't found one >.< so I'll give everything away in 30min on my res6268 in smp3.

    I don't have tons of stuff because I never was very active but I have a few nice items

    To sum up :

    Giveaway in 30min at 6238 smp3 gogogo
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  2. Right now im afk '-' but will be online by 30min
  3. *Sees that its in 30 minutes....rushes there XP
  4. only 5 min left!
  5. did i miss it?
  6. I guess we did miss it. :(
  7. yes. its all over as of about 30 minutes ago
  8. Grief party a lot left!
  9. >.< I miss everything.

    Good luck anyway. :)