[GIVEAWAY] Twitch Stream

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by fluffinator09, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. So I want to Stream but I do not want to do it to an empty audience. If I streamed ARMA III, ARK: Survival Evolved, Prison Architect and Fallout: New Vegas would anyone watch? There may be a free copy of a game in there too...
  2. Can a moderator please change the title to [GIVEAWAY] Twitch Stream? Perhaps?
  3. Report the OP asking for the change :)

    I'd probably watch. Would love to get some tips on Prison Architect and see Fallout being played as I haven't really looked into the game much.
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  4. i love to watch armaIII
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  5. Done.
  6. I love this
  7. Appreciated.
    Prison Architect will be played with some mods, and I would take advice from the chat ;)
    I would love to play some Wasteland tonight!
  8. ill watch depending on when, i have youth group tonight in a couple hours, btw if you have arma2 id love to play =D
  9. I don't unfortunately :/ but the stream will go on for quite a while!