[Giveaway] the Quizzz of Wizzzdom

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  1. You have one try, to answer this questions. PM them to me and you will receive 500 rupees for every good answer and 10K if you have them all correct! Please dont place the answers in the thread itself as it would ruin the whole thing :3. Please do not bug staff or me for answers
    This giveaway is open to 10 - 2 - 2014 3:00PM EMC time

    Here comes the questions =D

    1. what are the three ways to check a residence number?
    2. how do you make floating sand with an EMC feature? (so NOT with string under it!)
    3. what 10 commands show your balance?
    4. Which 3 mobs are only spawnable with commands? (vanilla minecraft, not EMC!)
    5. what are the 2 main colors (the codes ingame) for chat tips?
    6. what official EMC residence (adress!) used to show all the banned players?
    7. on what EMC residence can you find a ''unknown dragon tomb''?
    8. what EMC sword has silk touch on it?
    9. what particles cant a resourcepack change the colors of?
    10. what official EMC res is this photo taken? 2015-02-03_19.15.36.png
    I will place the good answers in the post under here when the giveaway is over.

    yes, I kinda copyed this but hey, it isnt illegal and free rupees for you guys, right :D
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  2. 1.right click with string, click on live map, /res info
    2. rename it
    3. /balance, /currency, /rupees, /tokens, /money, /bal, /cur, /r, /rok, /mon
    4. giant, skeleton horse, zombie horse
    5. &9, &b
    6. Empire_graveyard
    7. Empire_graveyard
    8. sword of UDDER justice
    9. the color of smoke particles used in redstone, portals, and Endermen
    10. /town
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