[GIVEAWAY] Suggest Minecraft Names-Get 100r Free!

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  1. I think a few of you know who this is for, but she is in need of suggestions for a name for her new account :p

    -Suggest a name for a girl new to Minecraft

    -This contest will end at 50 entries

    -My girlfriend is making a Minecraft account to join EMC and play with me :p

    100 Rupees

    Her name is Shelby, she sometimes goes by her middle name Madison, shes short, and she loves the nick name Princess. You can include some of this if you want, I will be checking some of the names for availability, but in the end I will have her look through them and pick.
  2. MadisonPrincess is available

    edit: So is ShelbyPrincess
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  3. Princess Consuela Bananahammock ;)
  4. Block_Princess.
  5. nccorygbae
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  6. ShelbyTheShortPrincess
  7. when will you be deciding nccoryg?
  8. 50 entries, at that time all entries will be paid out.
  9. Time for the long list of user names sponsored by namemc.com !
    1. RUPEESWife
    2. RUPEESGirl
    3. LlamasRuleBruh
    4. ImTakenByNccoryg
    5. MyNameIs(her name here)
    6. Questionanable ( like the user name its self )
    7. Nicetoade
    8. NotSoEvilToade ( people that Play EMC would get it :p )
    9. krysyyname9191
    10. NccorygsBae
    Thats all I can think of :p
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  10. How about since she's a mom now she gets an upgrade? :p maybe Queencoal (a little play on words there lol)
    Or princessofRupees.

    Look forward to seeing her in game!
  11. Diamondison or Diamadison

    Rather than going with Princess, which is so overdone, I took it as a name of something precious, and from there a precious stone, or a Diamond, which is a gem a Princess would wear.
    Then, I just took the word Diamond and played with it and her name.

    You could also do PrincessDiamondison or PrincessDiamadison

    I will edit as I come up with more ;)
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  12. CheeseLauncher

    I dunno, just CheeseLauncher

    Ima save that one for an Alt if no one takes it
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