[Giveaway] Suggest a Foxy Picture for my Next Pixel art!

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  1. My other Foxy pixel art is being finished and I want to have a new picture to select when I am done! Please post down below post a FNAF Foxy picture I could do! As many pictures you can find!

    (No Duplicates!)

    Alright here is the Giveaway!

    In order to be applicable for Giveaway you must ask for a number and post a Foxy picture!

    1. No Alternate accounts!
    2. No duplicate pictures!
    3. Must choose only 1 number between 1-50
    There will be three winners!
    1st: Gets a Ore Buster, a Mincer, and a Chicken Skewer.
    2nd: Will get my head and 2,500r
    3rd: A skin edit voucher (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/giveaway-foxys-selective-skin-service.54561/)
    Winners will be decided by random.org

    Giveaway ends by April 1st before my FNM!
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  2. 1. Crazy_TJ
    2. EngerMagic1
    3. CallMeTower
    4. GeneralWillikers
    5. Mman
    7. fBuilderS
    8. wardle315
    9. Seanawesome14
    10. PupInAction
    11. AscorPlay
    12. Sparticals
    13. Bellusros
    14. OriginalScuf
    15. jossytheninja
    16. Qbthulhu
    18. Acemox2k
    19. samtheboo
    20. Kytula
    21. Rhythmically
    22. Dufune
    23. Senpai_PinkCaker
    24. Dj__Krazy
    25. DanielGlass

    I will add more numbers if needed

  3. Can I get 33 please? :D
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  4. I'd like the number 3.

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  5. 4 is my number
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  7. 30 please ^^

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  8. Can i grab my lucky number: 13
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  9. Any number, really

    EDIT: Too big?
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  10. You need to choose a number between 1-50

    No it isn't big just perfect :p
  11. 12 please
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  12. Number 28 please!
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  14. That is awesome xD

    That accurately describes what I am and how I came to be

  15. 16 please
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  16. 21 Please :)
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  17. That is a awesome picture good find :D
  18. Thanks :p

  19. I thought this was funny. I'll be number 11.
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