[Giveaway] Original EMC Firework

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  1. I'm still taking heads at 2101! Every day my collection grows every so slightly and id like to have as many heads as I possibly can! So here's the deal: When i get to 100 heads, Everyone who gave me a head will be entered in a drawing for an ORIGINAL EMC FIREWORK (Currently I'm at 53 heads so get working guys. Its much appreciated! 2013-07-08_15.28.06.png
  2. How we give one to you?
    Edit: Oh...derp..nvm.
  3. Im on right now. so you can just throw it to me on SMP1
  4. Want a goofy head?
    EDIT: Sorry, 100k+ blocks in the wild on smp1.
  5. Shounds good :D lol
  6. :O
    Looks like doing the 100 jumps in 15 minutes dare was good for me xD
  7. apparently so! haha :p
  8. well your halfway there :)
  9. Up to 70 Heads! Bump!
  10. Goodluck getting mine lol :
    EDIT: If you look closely in the picture you can see me saying "sell me some caneeee" :p
  11. Guess I'm entered in a drawing plus I get one of your heads? This was the best head trade I've had!
  12. I will give u a head next week when I'm on for ur collection
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  13. Yeah! I'm that cool ;)
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  14. At 78 Heads! Almost there!
  15. Why don't you go to other servers and tell them to ;) derp