(GIVEAWAY) Mrlegitislegit's 200 days GIVEAWAY!

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  1. In five more days, I will have been part of EMC for 200 days, to celebrate, I am holding a giveaway! I am giving away two items, a bow with flame 1, power 4, and a Diamond sword Bane of arthropods 4. The winners of this giveaway will be announced on my 200th day. I will be drawing two names, one for the bow, and the other for the sword. You can not win both things though. To enter, please pick a number! :)

    1. Terminator908
    2. _Stads_
    3. KingRager
    4. HayJam
    5. Equinox_boss
    6. Missdeedee68
    7. Jameskim885
    8. Zulu9
    9. MoeMacZap
    10. Charip
    11. xl_LIKE_A_PIGx
    12. Dwight5273
    13. CambriaKillgannon
    14. TerryDaTerrorist
    15. pengw7n
    16. BailiB
    17. Sqiggleyjeff
    18. IPwnCreeps
    19. TheTrufflehunter
    20. Sneeker134

    Also on my 200th day, I will hold a party on my lot, SMP3, 7291.
  2. 16 Please! :D
  3. 20, if you please. :p
  4. 20 please. wow, i feel old. i remember when jennypoo10 logged on for the first time :) i logged on 2 hours before smp2 was launched. (type /p eragon132)
  5. how dare you sneaker! :p 19
  6. I would like 10 thank you very much
  7. lol. I am older then you! You NOOBICE!!!! HAHAHAH!

    P.S: Noobice is a word I made up, combined noob and novice, into Noobice.
  8. Thanks for giving back to the community Mrlegit. Many thanks and pleases.

    I would like to have 11 If I may.
  9. Will the winner be announced on this forum thread?