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  1. ok so ive been wanting to do an item giveaway in my lot but i cant think of any fun ways to do it. any suggestions?
  2. cobble and wood. :D everybody love wood :D
    And... DIAMONDS :D:D:D
  3. A treasure hunt. Give everyone access to secret chests and even ovens or anywhere you can place your item (assuming you have a full residence built already to make te chests look more natural when hidden) and let them go wild! To attract people, tell them there is a diamond hidden somewhere as well (amongst the other goodies) which will make the experience much more enjoyable.
  4. Downside is grefing if he only wants to give stuff away
  5. How would the person get griefed?
  6. He could always mark out an area with fences, then have people dig and try to find the items underground. Like buried Treasure.
  7. Right, don't give them build perms only container perms.
  8. But then couldn't they get in your personal chests?
  9. Put a dirt block above your personal chests and viola, a griefer protection device.
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  10. Lol true
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