[GIVEAWAY] Hitman absoloution [STEAM]

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TheRobotChicken, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. might as well...
    33 :D
  2. Taken by just_so_pro
    Taken by chascarillo

    Edit* sorry. I didnt update as I was at school
    Double edit* ill fix you up with a number so no one else takes the remaining spots :)
  3. 2 places left!
  4. 2 left guys, come on!
  5. Come on guys!
    Last number!
  6. The last numbah to meeeee! :D
  7. if you want, you could enter in Dajakoe and NUBlackshirts27
  8. huh?
  9. uh, mate, would you mind if i left it to someone who hasn't put one in? I would appreciate it.
  10. Whos gunna get the lucky last?
    and please no alts for this last one :)
  11. Can I please have the last one?
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  12. All spots are now taken :)
  13. Go ahead :)
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  14. The tension is unbearable.
  15. tell me about it.
  16. And the winner is...
  17. your kidding right?