[GIVEAWAY] Guess who I am

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Brisingr34, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Long time member, stalk my posts and profile, you'll eventually find out.

    First one to guess my FULL OLD MINECRAFT USERNAME gets 50k.

    Every person who remembers me and list something we did gets 20k (Limit 10 People)

    Guess away.
  2. TheMinner333
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  3. Hello TheMinner333. :)
  4. TheMinner333 :p
  5. Oh yea btw you prob didn't know this but in game:
    /p Brisingr34
    It shows your old username as well as current one haha
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  6. Yup. Welp.


    Yeah, I'll pay you next time I log on. So if you get a random 50k rupees yeah, you know where it's from
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  7. TheMinner333! I remember you from like 2013! Nice to see you again :)
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  8. TheMinner333

    Welcome back!
  9. TheMinner333

    Give the money to a random person.
  10. When I randomly join I just start sending out 10k to random people.

    First come first serve it seems.
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  11. I don't remember you unfortunately but I have been to your res before haha, I was bored on smp5 one day and just ran around till i came upon your house (10747, I was just checking it out when i realized this). I remember your res cause i had a house just like it haha, only I didn't have a garage with a car in it (which i love btw)
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  12. Welcome back hope to get you know another old member xD