[GIVEAWAY] Follower Only- Iron Voucher Giveaway

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CoryLovesYou, Aug 4, 2015.

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  1. I am currently hosting four other events/giveaways, if you are not eligible for this one feel free to check out my other ones that are free to everyone on the Empire. Let's get to it!


    I am giving away an Iron Supporter Voucher to one of my followers.


    I honestly want to know why that specific person followed me, whether it be my giveaways, my activity in the community, or anything in between.


    This giveaway will end exactly two weeks from when the giveaway was posted, so get your submissions in now!


    Fill out the following form below-

    When you followed me (If you remember):
    Why you followed me (must be filled out):

    I will pick a random post using the number of the post on the day the giveaway ends!

    NOTE: I have reviewed the rules of this section of the forum as well as all of the Empire Minecraft rules, and I did not find anywhere I looked that it stated this type of contest was not allowed. If I find different I will ask this contest be closed and I will open a new one for the Iron Voucher.
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  2. Even so, a giveaway like this is probably something you should check with staff first - I've seen giveaways similar to this closed in the past. You might be alright but it's always worth validating with staff. :)
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  3. I'll check, the only thing I saw that came close was "Asking for Likes" and this is no where near that.
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  4. I'm a new follower. The when and why are the same :p started following after your "suggest a baby name," thread. It's nice to see parents/ families on emc, so that's why I followed ^_^
  5. I'm sorry, but this type of contest is not allowed, as it falls under "Account boosting" (Asking for likes, followers etc).
    Thread closed.
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