[GIVEAWAY] Empire Pride [Win 200k]

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  1. Welcome to the first Nexus Incorporated combined event. Prize paid by Erektus.

    {=}HOW TO ENTER{=}

    Ready to show your EMC Pride? Good! Follow the guidelines below to submit your entry.

    [-] The picture must be of something you have created on EMC and/or your minecraft avater.
    [-] The picture must contain the Empire Minecraft logo or #EmpirePride written somewhere on the picture.
    [-] You can entire with multiple people, but the prize will be split between everyone in the picture.
    [-] You can post multiple entries (three maximum) to increase your chance of winning.


    This giveaway will end on 11/9/2015 and the winner will be chosen using their post number from a random number generator.

    Good luck!

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  2. So you are back in game?
  3. Sometimes.

    EDIT: But officially this account will be unbanned in November.
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  4. I got a nice idea... He he he....
  5. will do later!
  6. Thanks for the giveaway, I decided to put all of my three entries into one post so that I don't spam your thread. Thanks again.


  7. Here goes mine... I can't believe I'm using my Photoshop skills to do this XD
    Anyways... I hope Y'all enjoy! Oh also there are 5 small... Easter Eggs... I'm gonna list 'em below the picture and good luck finding 'em :3

    > Aikar?
    >Is that a COW?
    >This MAY be Bacon...
    >You are bootyful :3
    > 360 NO SCOPE
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  8. Nice entries so far.
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  9. Indeed! I loved some of the creations as well!
  10. Will add more soon...
  11. oops I spilled a little photoshop on it
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  12. Photoshop is awesome isn't?
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