[GIVEAWAY] dc of potion and enchanted items

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  1. This is my first giveaway woop:D I am celebrating the 3rd time remodeling my shop, since the 40 days I've been here, it has finally been finished. I encourage anyone to visit 18894 on smp9! Anyway, here are the rules:
    -Pick a number from 1-30
    -Important* If you choose a number that someone else has already chosen, I will pick the first persons number and not give you a warning
    -no saying "give me any number that's open," that's just more work for me. and I will not consider you unless you give me a real number
    Once everyone has filled up a slot, I will go to random.org and look at the first five numbers that generate. then, i will keep doing it until one of the numbers comes up again. when the number comes up, whoever chose that number first wins.
    If you win you must come to 18894 on smp9 to do pickup, there is NO DELIVERIES. If you do not obtain the items by 48 hours after you are chosen, the second number that poped up will now have the chance to get it and you lose the right to the chest. if the second does not come, it will keep going from the 1st picked number to the fifth. If noone picks it up, i will give it away to someone trustworthy. Heres the pic of the chest and happy numbers! Lastly, I will probaly be posting still available numbers most everyday, so keep watch! 2013-03-29_20.30.26.png
    1. honam1021
    2. nick5013
    3. jrm531
    4. THE_LEGEND4
    5. Kadboy
    6. TerryDaTerrorist
    7. IceRaider14
    8. T1zzle120
    9. Qwerty189
    10. nick_godoy
    11. Jake_bagby
    12. cddm95ace
    13. RunningRhino
    14. Choongjae
    15. Pinkfoxk
    16. HylianNinja
    17. Xxandster700xX
    18. PortalShoo2er
    19. dirkjan23
    20. missdeedee68
    21. maxthegreat2
    22. OrigamiJoe
    23. MVPdrose
    24. Mindlegokid
    25. MoeMacZap
    26. galloping_zebra
    27. squiggleyjeff
    28. jacob5089
    29. cube45
    30. samsimx
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  2. 17 please. I like the way that you will pick numbers.
  3. 27 please and congrats
  4. 10 plz and congrats!! :D
  5. 23 please. Im going to check out your shop!
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  6. I would like number 12 please :)
  7. 25, thanks :)
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  8. Numbers left after this post: 1,2,3,5,6,9,11,14,15,16,18,19,20,24,26,28,29 so bump!
  9. 19, please :)
  10. 14 please. ;)