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  1. Hello there! As some of you may know, I'm a 3D animator. I stated a few times that I would do a giveaway of art designs that you wanted. From what I can tell, this was wanted by many:
    (My current IGN is Catacalysm ^-^) I will be selecting not one, but THREE winners by random. That means that three people have a chance to win a personal background. In fact, it doesn't have to be a background either. I can make a signature for the winners that looks like mine if that's what the winners prefer. How do you enter? Just ask a question and choose a number. Your name will go next to the number you chose. Only 40 people may enter! (Yes this is a common entry thing, but whatever :p) Good luck on winning! This will end 8/10/15! If all the contestant slots are full, it will end there and I will decide the winners!

    1. EquableHook624
    2. Zikko
    8. SteamingFire
    11. Sabil10
    14. Seanawesome14
    16. cadenman2002
    17. Kytula
    18. Scarmanzer
    20. ShyGuyTheGamer1
    21. NightHawk3846
    22. ww2fan168
    23. Starpuncher
    24. Defne_The_Boss
    29. AliceF3
    36. KarateKitKat
    39. toto_style123
    40. Jstclair41
    Winners- Jstclair41, Defne_The_Boss, AliceF3
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  2. 1
    Do you whistle?
  3. Nope. I'm pretty bad at it :p
  4. How do you do it? The 3D animations? And can I have a free download link to the system you use? Maybe my bro can get it for me. 20
  5. 36

    What program do you use to create these animations?
  6. I use Cinema 4D R13, but I don't exactly have the download link for it as I downloaded it ages ago.
  7. Cinema 4D
  8. 14! Do you like Dupstep/Trap? If so who do you listen to?
  9. Yep! I mainly listen to Monstercat when I'm feeling the need for some dubstep :)
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  10. Oh nice!
  11. 21: How did you find EMC?
  12. 23

    What is your favourite console?
  13. It's a pretty long/weird story which I'd rather not touch :p
  14. PS4! Though I prefer PC gaming much more.
  15. *high fives*
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  16. How did you come to Animating? 2 please :)
  17. I started animating at around 10 years old. After watching a lot of minecraft animation videos from people like Captain Sparklez, Weedlion, Bootstrap Buckaroo, I was inspired and wanted to try it out. First I completely sucked, but then I started to learn more things from the youtubes and taught myself new stuff. And here I am now :D
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  18. 41 please and How do u feel about bears?
  19. 11.How long did it take to make the background/signiture?
  20. As a bear myself, I love bears :3 Oh and, 41 isn't a valid slot, so I'm giving you 40 since it's closest to it

    To make the mountains, the ground, the road, and trees? That was one hour. For the text it takes at least 5-20 minutes to position them properly.
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