[GIVEAWAY] [AMA] Celebrating 500 Days of my EMC-ness

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  1. Or rather 504th. My 500 days on EMC definitely has been fun, and I look forward to another 5 or even 600 days here. (Granted Minecraft lives that long.) I've made friends, built things, lost friends, and built more things. But in general, I had a genuinely good time. When I first joined, I was welcomed with open arms and friendly faces everywhere. (Sorry. I lied. I went virtually unnoticed outside of the forum.) But I eventually made a name for myself with the first "Sleepy Shop" and the popular "Sleepy Coaster". I met new friends and got more involved with the community by frequently browsing the forum. There, I met more new friends and truly got the hang of this whole Empire thing. I've had a great time here at EMC.
    (Blah Blah Blah, Yada yada yada. Just get to the free stuff already...)

    So for the giveaway, who ever can guess which playing card I'm thinking of (i.e. The whole Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds deal) will win 7 Bane of Arthropods III Looting II Iron Swords and 10,000 Rupees. Here's a hint to get you pointed in the right direction: "Jason Lives"
    Congrats to superg64!

    For the Ask-Me-Anything, do exactly that.

  2. I looked all over the internet and could not find anything. SO ill take guesses:
    Ace of hearts?
    If not... Ace of spades?
  3. Jack of Spades
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  4. king of hearts?
  5. Superg64 gets the loot. Congragulations.
  6. i forgot the ama XD what is your favorite flavor of pie?
  7. I had this really good chocolate Baker's Square pie once. It's the only pie I've tasted, so, chocolate by default.
  8. Congrats! If you were to have a single superpower, what would it be? What would be the stipulations for that superpower? (Example: time manipulation would be cool as long as I didn't age while time was manipulated, and I could take objects through time with me.)
  9. I'd choose the ability to stop time, as long as I wouldn't have to hold my breath like in Dragon Ball.