[GiveAway AMA] 800 Days and my Birthday

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  1. Today is my 800th Day, and my Birthday (Totally didn't plan that).

    So As a small give away and AMA, Pick a Number with a Question asked to me. Prize is 10k xD
    Numbers being between 1-50:

    1: SpecialYe11ow
    2: Equinox_Boss
    3: Qwerty189
    4: THE_LEGEND4
    5: Dwight5273
    6: samsimx
    7: PureBredGaeilge
    8: Jcplugs
    9: Defluxer
    10: FatAndyTheGreat
    11: adondrabkin
    12: Inuyasha1204
    13: Kevdudeman
    14: kyle12cu1
    15: Chizmaro
    16: HylianNinja
    17: Luckypat
    18: HurferDurfer1
    19: Dj__Krazy
    20: B4DMAN5IMON
    21: cddm95ace
    22: redfire23
    23: Melk73
    24: deathconn
    25: 5weety
    27: Olaf_C
    29: Ark_Warrior1
    31: Boozle628
    32: WolfThunderBlade
    33: OrigamiJoe
    34: kuraudochuu
    37: eklektoi
    38: Akela132
    39: hYliF3
    41: darksuperlord
    42: AmusedStew
    43: mman2832
    47: PlayTehMinecraft
    48: Brickstrike
    49: RebelSpartan0826
    50: battmeghs
  2. 19,k, Are you sexy? ~_~
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  3. Dj.... I can't answer that. xD
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  4. Happy 800th Southie! :3

    12 please!

    Hope ya stick around even longer! :p
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  5. 10 Please!

    Happy Birthday!

    What is your go-to snack?
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  6. 1. Do you love kitties? c:
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  7. 17 please :)
    Congrats on 800 days! (mines coming up in a few days xD)
    Whats your fav sport?
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  8. 16, please. What is your favorite episode of South Park?
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  9. 15, why do you have such cool hair?
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  10. 4 please and happy birthday! How many Minecraft accounts do you have?
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  11. 33 But is it really?
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  12. 16 plz :D. Do you like Gorillaz :D???
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  13. 43 please, shrek 1 or 2
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  14. 50!
    why don't you text me anymore!? i text you and you no text meh back = sad megh
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  15. 6 cause theres no 69 ):
    kim kardashian or..?
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  16. Hummus n Tortilla Chips
    I do I do c:
    Considerably Tennis or Ice Dancing.
    Dey Took Our Jerbs??? xDDD
    I cut it recently so not as swaggie as before but still swaggen :p
    Just Two :D
    Mhmm Yes Really Joeeee xDDD :3
    I love the Gorillaz, I first heard them in London a few months before it even went big in the United States.
    Shrek is love... Shrek.. Is life..
    Aweee Meghhhh, I sorted this out with you before I responded to this ;)
    Scarlet Johansen? Not Either, I reserve myself for someone someday.
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  17. Also, 16 is already taken, please choose a different # c:
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  18. 21 please. Congrats and happy birthday, glad I got to celebrate with you last night :)

    If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
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  19. The Superpower of flight.
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  20. 27. Do you find Vladimir Putin scary?
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