[Giveaway/AMA] 0Patch's 150th EMC Day!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by 0PatchTheSnake0, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. What do you enjoy doing on empire?
  2. Do you like SlipKnot?
  3. Building, meeting new people, selling and buying. Everything.
  4. Slip Knot? What is that?
  5. What does the snake say?
  6. Really...?
  7. whats your favorite soda?
  8. Would... you like a hug? :D
  9. I live in England too -Patch! :D What is your favourite EMC special item? ;)
  10. I would say the labor bench, I find it easier to just click to open a crafting table :p
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  11. I'm allergic. But OK!
  12. No one else will be entered, but you can still ask questions! Tomorrow is the day I announce the winner, remember! :D
  13. do you like waffles...? :p ;)
  14. Yes!
  15. do you like French toast??? :p
  16. what was youre funniest moment in youre EMC history?
    btw happy 150 days og EMC :D
  17. i wnt th mony cn i hv it plz ill be ur bst frend
    Kidding. :p

    Have you ever considered starting your own country? If so, what would you call the country and where would you want the country to be in the world?
  18. Well, I'd want it to be somewhere tropical, and as for the name... How about Pythonia! :D (My snake is a Python, so I am kinda obsessed with Pythons. :p Also, his name is Patch, 'tis where I get my username from. :))
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