[Giveaway] 950th Post! Free Hearthstone Beta Key!

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Do you celebrate Christmas?

Yes, I wuv Christmas. 29 vote(s) 82.9%
No. 1 vote(s) 2.9%
Potato 5 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. This was going to be my 1000th Post giveaway but I am 50 away and Hearthstone is going to he officially released in about 1 month so I'll do this as my 950th post. Think of this as a Christmas Giveaway!


    This is actually my 952nd post but I forgot. :p
    To celebrate this achievement I am giving away a Hearthstone beta key plus it's Christmas! Want to enter? Simply post a question that involves Christmas, gaming or EMC. Feel free to request different topics! There are no numbers that you must request you will be automatically entered in.

    If you win I will PM you the key. :)

    "I'm just as bad as Taylor Swift" Who doesn't remember that quote?


    GoOd LuCk.
  2. Congratulations to Defluxer! You have won the giveaway, I will PM you with the code and you may do what you wish with it! :D
  3. Where were you 2weeks ago ._.
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  4. I was somewhere.
  5. wut is your favorite game?
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  6. I have many favourite games. My most favourite would be, Minecraft, Civ 5, Battlefield and Terraria.
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  7. Favorite EMC-unique feature?
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  8. Probably /res message. It's a really unique, cool and awesome command that not only tells the player who's res you are entering/leaving it also can tell you about the res, if it has a shop or a parkour course ect. Really worth supporting.
  9. Rudolf or holiday pick?
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  10. CP?

    Both! I have my alts. :p
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  11. do you think ISMOOCH is sassy?
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  12. Always.
  13. terraria ftw :D
  14. Which is better? Terraria or Blockheads?
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  15. I don't play Blockheads so I can't judge. :(
  16. For me (since i played both) i like terraria better
  17. Bump! Free beta key anyone?

  18. How many rupees do you have?
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  19. How many residences do you have on emc, and which is your best?