[ giveaway ] 8 stacks of diamonds

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheRobotChicken, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. ok so I'm giving away 8 stacks of diamonds but the thing is u have to get to them first
    i promise u that there is stacks of diamonds in there
    the res is 4417 smp2
    inside the grey wool doors
    good luck :D
  2. they are going fast hurry!!
  3. im in the wild of that server :(
  4. oh lol one guy made it and is just standing there taking them all
  5. if only this had happened while I was online today =[
  6. lol its really slow and theres 12 more stacks in there :p
  7. I'm just sitting down the bottom watching everyone lol
  8. All gone? 3: I always miss these things,
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  9. ill do another if people don't cheat and take all the diamonds then sell them to hayley :(
  10. ya you should have stopped it since there was one guy but its ok( since your doing another one:D)
  11. no there was like 10 but 2 cheated.... i caught one... then got the other half way threw... was disappointed with the first person cheating though
  12. seems someone always does anymore
  13. How about you give so to me directly, eh?;)
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  14. it was quite funny though
  15. cannot. believe. that. i. missed. this.

    'nuff said :3
  16. well I'm doing one in half an hour guys at 4174 smp2
  17. yay
  18. dammit. how do i convince my parents to let me on my pc when sick off school...?
  19. if its not where they can see sneak in for five minutes to get some diamonds (just kidding) perhaps ask them to let you repeatedly until they say ok that's how i used to get to go out at night
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