[Giveaway] 600,000 Rupee Giveaway!

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  1. Winners


    Congratulations to these three winners! I will now start a PM with them and begin distributing prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated! :)

    Back Story
    For the past few months, I haven't been as active as usual on the servers. I still check the forums daily and keep up to date with all of the updates, but I just haven't been in the game much. It's not that I've lost interest in EMC, there just hasn't been much for me to do online in this 1.7 transition period. Throughout this downtime I've just had all of my rupees sitting in my account with no real use. This was the case before I actually took my "break", so I've finally decided to give away some of those rupees, 600,000 to be exact. Just to be clear, this does not mean I am leaving EMC! :D

    Giveaway Details
    With that explained, on to the giveaway! I will be giving out 600,000 rupees in total split between three random winners. To enter the giveaway just post down below stating that you would like to be a part of this (you don't have to pick a certain number, as that can get confusing) and I will add you to the list. Once all 100 spots have been filled I will use www.random.org to determine the three winners and list them here in this post. I will then start a PM with those winners who will each be given 200,000 Rupees and one of my heads. Good luck! :)

    1. Darkangledav
    2. Alyattayla
    3. Eclipsys
    4. CoDe4RiDeR
    5. RevampedMadness
    6. THE_LEGEND4
    7. Bro_im_infinite
    8. lameidl
    9. brickstrike
    10. sonicol1
    11. TheSpyPie
    12. cube45
    13. deathconn
    14. adondrabkin
    15. KingGrigori
    16. bucky291
    17. marine4121
    18. Skywarp84
    19. galazeek
    20. darksuperlord
    21. MoeMacZap
    22. MasterDude13
    23. bloodra1n
    24. littlepiccolo
    25. moranwill
    26. crabcakes200m
    27. astrayalien
    28. FDNY21
    29. Todd_Vinton
    30. DrewRadio
    31. weeh66
    32. bemvino87
    33. Pab10S
    34. ToriDesu
    35. trent948
    36. Dojodo
    37. penfoldex
    38. shon14
    39. Jcplugs
    40. cowland123
    41. DeadPresident
    42. bp2u
    43. Reindeer_
    44. mba2012
    45. Luckygreenbird
    46. Luckypat
    47. xHaro_Der
    48. NetherWorld66
    49. ninjaboy5656
    50. samsimx
    51. AmusedStew
    52. _Stads_
    53. Sunny_Chicken
    54. mman2832
    55. daegoo
    56. jrm531
    57. Mousemeister12
    58. neonkillah
    59. wolfegab
    60. akela132
    61. smongoman24
    62. DemonThunder345
    63. sideshowallie
    64. Rainier6
    65. SkidzGaming
    66. hashog3000
    67. cddm95ace
    68. ErikRodhi
    69. supereskimo
    70. HylianNinja
    71. ItsMeMatheus
    72. dresden72
    73. iCurtis23
    74. LouisKenX
    75. ChrisPaperX
    76. TomvanWijnen
    77. Qwerty189
    78. SuperVal_Junior
    79. EVERWIN67
    80. slash14459
    81. SDOliveira
    82. Gadget_AD
    83. SILVERMAN2
    84. gollark8
    85. Lukas3226
    86. Petero555
    87. pascal1881
    88. Richard4861
    89. 607
    90. sambish20
    91. jaari
    92. ruari342
    93. Mindlegokid
    94. zankins7
    95. melk73
    96. Ark_Warrior1
    97. RebelSpartan0826
    98. KillaSpartan5
    99. xI_LIKE_A_PIGX
    100. fat_batman
  2. 1st! i want to be part of it :D
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  3. \o3o/ Whoa 600k

    I would like to be apart of this ! :D
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  4. Hey kadboy! I would like to be a part of this, to fund my Colossus Spyro project and all current projects that I'm working on. I'd also like you to know that you should take a break if you feel like taking a break. I did the same last year, and it was a great choice I made.

    Best of luck, and hope to see you back soon :D


    Is that wool ever comming xD?

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  5. Sounds cool you can sign me up.
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  6. I've had the wool ready for a while now, just haven't gotten the sandstone. I'm on right now if you want it. :p
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  7. Count me in! :D
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  8. Hey Kad, it's been a great time knowing you! I'd like to be entered please.
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  9. Ill join you :D
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  10. bro's in :)
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  11. 27
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  12. I would like to be apart of this.
    *sing song* one of us, one of us.
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  13. :3 Very nice of you Kad, count me in!
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  14. Count me in :D
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  15. does this count as an entry? whatever. sorry to se you going Kad. you've always been someone I looked up to.
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  16. Sure I'll join :D

    Always love taking your rupees ;)
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  17. I'm not leaving, I just haven't been putting these rupees to good use. :)
  18. Im in :)
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  19. oh, well that's a relief. must of read the OP wrong
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  20. Good because I was going to die if you left.
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