[GIVEAWAY] 6,000R (but with a catch!)

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  1. Hello everyone! i have some cash here, and i picked a random number, so here it is, 7,482 R for grabs!
    but wait, there is a catch! whoever posts the fifth post (not by me) will win 3k, whoever posts 13th will get 3k!
    if you post more than twice in a row you will be disqualified.
    if you post more than 3 times you are disqualified.
    if you put *dont count* in your post it doesnt count as that three or as the twice, but that post cant win.
    if a post is illegal to these rules and should win a prize, the person after them will get the prize.
    dont be competative, and be nice. this is just for fun :)
    if you win dont spam me with questions, you will receive it within 24 hours of wining.
    no supporters can win, except iron.
    after the final prize is won i would prefer that a mod locks the thread.
    do not post a number, post something meaningful. lets start with the question of: "what do you like most about EMC?"
    if you post spam or less than 3 words your comment will not count. this will also count as one of your 3 posts.
    begin! and have fun!
    NOTE: you can tell what post is which by the number down by the like and reply buttons. by default you need to subtract one because of this post. also you can always just count the non-spam posts. i will reply what posts are spam for ease. i will announce the winners when they win. dont count my replies as part of the giveaway.
  2. So the first comment is actually useless? : )
  3. Can I make multiple posts?
  4. Whoever is next wins :D
    Edit: Wait.. Maybe I counted that wrong..
  5. Well, I like EMC a lot because it has a good economy that flows by itself. Also, my choice for the random number is 9. And i Win 3k!
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  6. yes you can make up to 3 posts.
    no 2 more and the second person wins though :)
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  7. No you don't. It needs to be more than 3 words silly. :p
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  8. yes you do. serialkicker wins 3,000 rupees! congrats! now just 7 more posts (not including this one) andt he final prize will be gone!
    EDIT: that's right actually.
    but unfortunately the post does also say that supporters cant win so 1 more non-supporter post! sorry serialkicker! you can still make it for the second winning!
  9. ok then robert win
  10. i cant win i made the giveaway -.-
    but that does count as a post! you won 3k! funny how that works!
  11. I was kidding. My first post doesn't count, also yours doesn't count, so Manglex won.

    EDIT: ˇOh. ok. I won't post 4th post! :D
  12. supporter though. their posts count but they cant win ;)
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  13. I am extremely confused by the count of these posts- which I guess is the point. Just to make it more complicated: Don't count lol
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  14. not sure how many we are at here, but hopefully this post will help get you to the next prize :)
  15. Thank you, ImBobertRobert. (for reward)
  16. rule change: supporters can now get the prize! this is just to stimulate the giveaway.
    EDIT: also the rules d not apply since i have to be afk for a bit so if 4 more people respond the 4th wins! ok people go!
  17. I like EMC because Justin is magic!
  18. I love how EMC has no lag.

    EDIT: I win?
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  19. I think yes :D
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