[GiveAway]200 Days of Fun

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  1. Well I have made tons of friends in my past 200 EMC days. 200 days may not be a great achievement but I am giving away free stuff so it is ok.
    My 200 day goal was 250kr. I made that barely by selling 500 gold blocks for 50k.
    My first day of EMC I did not know t was for chat so you know i had a tough time for a little while.
    I have had a good bit of "Best friends" which you can view here

    How it works:
    Say a number between 1-25 I will add more if needed.
    Random.Org will be the decider
    1st DC of sugar cane
    2nd 3 Eff III UnBr III daimon Picks
    3rd 3 Knock I Bane II diamond swards

    Feel free to ask any questions about me.
  2. Number 24 plz happy 200 days :D
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  3. 7 please, congrats on your 200th :)
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  4. oh and happy 200th day
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  5. 7 pwese c:
    14 -_-
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  6. Did we all three comment at the same time??
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  7. Gratz on 200!
    6 pl0x
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  8. Nick did u give up on the firework? :)
  9. 21 please, congrats :)
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  10. 12 please congratz on 200
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  11. Lol just noticed that :)
  12. 2 please
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  13. 2 good for you

    ( 2 )
  14. Heyyyy :D
  15. In that case I'll use:

    To good 4 you

    ( 4 )
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  16. yes....yes we did
  17. Two sodas...awesome :D
  18. no
    know you know what i feel -_-
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  19. 16 please, happeh 200th!
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