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  1. Wowza Pig! TWO Giveaways in ONE day!

    Yup, its another giveaway. Im feeling generous today. :p

    Todays giveaway will be featuring this Diamond Shovels :
    x1 Efficiency III
    x1 Unbreaking III
    + Some bonus items. :)

    Their will only be 20 spots this time, so pick them fast! Before they run out!

    1. gabe627
    2. Herbrin3
    3. creeperslayer789
    4. gnyctk
    5. Mrlegitislegit
    6. gremlindan
    7. Terminator908
    8. jc008
    9. serialkicker
    10. IPwnCreeps
    11. LZBZ_DW
    12. DogsRNice
    13. KingRager
    14. Torian42
    15. Biscuitboy5396
    16. sqiggleyjeff
    17. Tehwafflez
    18. Rilibi
    19. sneeker134
    20. Glasi13
    Random number generator website that I will be using : http://www.random.org/
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  2. 2012-07-06_16.29.08.png Heres what the decorated chest looks like :
  3. Theirs no 21....
  4. 11

    Thanks pig!
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  5. 6 if tis still free
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  6. 500r free for you. First person to say something nice about THIS giveaway. :)
  7. its totally 101% free. :)
  8. Woohoo, wow thanks a ton pig, I'm really bringing home the bacon <gasp> 0.o -500r :p
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  9. Thanks for giving away stuff.. I guess... It's your decision to make others happy :)
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  10. Most everyone only cares about rupees, so I decided to do this because I DONT care about rupees, I feel like everything should be free. As long as it come from the nether or wild. I just like to make people happy I guess. Make their day. :)
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  11. 20 please, these will look lovely above my fireplace
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  12. lol woop. haha pig you really enjoy giving out free monies.
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  13. 9 please
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  14. ummmm 20 is this free
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