[Giveaway] 1,000th day giveaway!

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  1. Hey guys! I know this account may seem new to EMC, but my oldest account, creeper3846, is at 998 days! And to celebrate, I spent a 'little' amount of rupees and got some prizes for a little event I'll be hosting. I will have numbers 1-50 below, and all you have to do to enter is comment a question down below and ask for a number in the SAME post! No alts allowed, 1 entry per player! Entries will end on my 1,000th day, or in this case, 2 days from now. Winners will be chosen via Random.org, and I will post pictures to prove the winners actually won.

    Numbers and prizes below!

    2: cadenman2002
    3: ChickenButler
    5: MissZombicidal
    7: neonpurpleraven
    9: danizaurs
    11: PineappleGem
    12: Hermioneluvr
    13: bluebiscuit2007
    15: Awesomebuilder33
    16: ThaKloned
    17: Luckypat
    18: sam3984
    19: SteveClasher
    20: Rainbowpony1000
    21: NathanRP
    22: MinecraftMDR (Gets a free slot for helping me with the prizes of this giveaway)
    24: havioxs
    25: ElfinPineapple0
    26: Deadmaster98
    27: BailiB
    28: karatekick2001
    29: Richard4861
    31: tuqueque
    32: Dektirok
    33: porphos
    34: Jake81201
    36: Pascal1881
    37: Petero555
    38: haastregt
    39: _HoodooS_
    42: Dj__Krazy
    46: mman2832
    47: ChespinLover77
    48: L3A8
    50: colepuncher

    Wondering about the prizes? Wonder no more!

    1st place: 2 Dragon Stones, 1 2014 ID Firework, 1 2014 Labor Day Bench promo.
    2nd place: 1 Dragon Stone, 1 Holiday Candle, 1 Vault Voucher
    3rd place: 1 2014 New Years firework, 1 stack of Emeralds!

    Good luck to all!
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  2. 38! what is your favorite minecraft feature?
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  3. (#23) Almost 1000 days, wow. Whats made you successful in the empire?
  4. My favorite mimecraft feature is multiplayer. Nuff' said.

    Investing in promos is what made me so successful in the Empire :p
  5. 36 please.

    How did you came on the Empire?
    Found it online or did a friend told you about it? (or something else)
  6. #16 please.

    Do you know the muffin man? :cool:
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  7. 42, what's your opinion on anime?
  8. 37 please. How did you come up with your name?
  9. Grats on 1k days! :)
    #17 please
  10. 9. What is your favorite kind of weather?
  11. Number 7 por favor. What is the minecraft build that you are most proud of?

    Also, congrats on the 1000! :D
  12. #15 please
    Congratz on 1k!
    Whats your favorite console?
  13. Congratulations.
    Can I have 3 please.
    Which do you enjoy most ?
    a. Living/Building in the Frontier
    b. Mining the wastes
    c. Living in town
  14. #13 please: are you considering changing any of your MC accounts' names?
  15. Back when EMC was only about a half a year old, my friend in school told me about it. I got so absorbed in the server that I played on it every day. :p

    I wish :(. I would get free muffins for life :p
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  16. I don't watch it much, but anime is a creative work of art. Some of them, that is.

    My username came from my PSN username :p How I got my PSN username was from my friend who had a very similar name and suggested nighthawk.
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  17. What's the question? :p

    Here in Colorado, we get a lot of weather... however I would have to say mild. Like, it's hot out but there's a nice cold breeze. XD
  18. I have two answers to that one. I helped build a megamall on smp9 and it did take a while. However if you mean something I build myself, I made a Keralis house to the highest detail on my first plot.

    Playstation all the way baby!
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  19. Oh sorry, hehe Are you interested in history at all?
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  20. What is the largest structure you have built?

    #32 please