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Do you think the prices should be lowered or heightened?

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Higher prices! 6 vote(s) 50.0%
Lower prices! 6 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Lately, I've noticed that people are selling things WAY too expensive. Now, I wouldn't tell them "ewwww, your prices are way too expensive, I'm not buying from you" but, you have to think about how the people buying the items are fealing. I was recently infromed, that since my prices are cheap, cheaper than most people they've seen, that people would often buy from me, sell for a profit, and ripping me off. Now, this may seem unimportant, but I think everyone has the right to express the way they feel about any given price at any given time. Feel free to say what needs to be said, THE PRICES ARE WAY TOO HIGH!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows it, yet, no one will say anything about it. If the prices are too high, they don't like to buy from people. If the prices are too low, they get greedy and rip that person off. There really isn't a middle ground for what is and isn't a good shop. I, for one, do not think people should be selling stuff like diamonds for almost the exact same as the empire shop. That's why it's there, to make people get a better deal. If this problem does not get resolved, I will be forced to raise my prices to the regular amount of today's Empire Economy. I'm sure no one would appreciate that, and I like my customer's opinion. So, try to respond to this, giving your honest opinion on the prices in Empire lately.
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  2. i agree completely
    i remember the days when 35 rupees for a diamond used to be expensive
    when people used to sell iron and gold for the same price like 6 rupees an ingot
    i just think people have gotten too lazy to go to the wild and get materials so they buy from other people and use that. After that material is gone it keeps getting more and more expensive. I remember the days when the live map for wilderness was filled with usernames not just 4 people. So guys grab ur pick get some food take some friends and go on a mining expedition! Let's bring the old days back!
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  3. That's inflation.

    Plus, I'm sure Ninja is right about people buying more and mining less. Higher demand = higher prices, right?
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  4. I stopped buying from player-shops in November or something.
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  5. Prices may have got high, but theyre still less than the Empire shop. Which shows that eerything is technically all good. Also, lowering prices would mess eerything up purely because theyre just worth more noew because of the whole people not going out as much.
  6. Resources do diminish after a while. I price my prices according to how much work was involved (less any expenses incurred by having to smelter/craft the tool i used). If a price is too high, I will bargain with my customer to see what they would be willing to pay for it. If it seems like a reasonable offer, I change the price permanently. It's hard to price things so low to sell them when you spend hours getting the resources, or trying to pick over what was already taken.
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