Give thanks from 9/11

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  1. Not the accurate targets hellokittyro i can remember this from long ago

    1. The World Trade Center
    2. The Pentagon
    3. The capital/white House (ended up in Pennsylvania. )
    4. and 2nd plane hitting The World Trade center
    I can remember this day of sadness because of numerous loved ones i lost lets all bless the fallen. This is a serious topic don't make fun of this
    Lets all give hugs and thanks to the people who cared at hard times*
    Today please do some good deeds and you receive karma (good luck)
    The new trade center blueprints:
    total height: 1776 ( Year of the U.S decoration of independence)
    Number of floors: 106
    Number of buildings: 6
    Will there be the twin towers? : No its considered disrespectful to copy the design
    The story and links to learn more:
    In the comments below leave a :) and say a thank you our honor a family member from 9/11
    Meet me at kryssy's event at /memorial at 7:30 ill be giving out roses to everyone
    After i would like everyone to go to Waste North on smp4 and place a flower at spawn at place a thank you sign!!!