Give it your all wild creation contest!

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  1. So, I have a few extra dollar's laying around and would like to purchase someone Supporter-ness (iron) if they win.


    First and foremost I know all Building contests have been in-town and this one will not be, It will be all creations in the wild, You cannot enter something some else made. You have to make it. I recommend going deep into the wild for this as to not have it griefed. The contest will last a week at the end of that time we will take pictures of the creations or have you submit them. We will then have a judge panel which will be established soon.

    We will have people go out and take pictures, hidden as to not give the location away or you can submit your own pictures In whatever texture pack you want, we will do them in default.

    You MUST be a non-supporter to win first prize.

    The prizes as of 4:30pm 2/16/2012 are as follows

    First prize: 1 month of Iron Supporter status or 5000R*
    Second prize: 2500 rupees
    Third prize: 1000 rupees

    *If you are a supporter and are voted first you will be given 5000R and the Iron Supporter goes to the first best Non-supporter submission, and If the winning player who is a non-supporter doesn't want the iron supporter for 1 month they can choose 5000R

    1. It must be in the wild, not EMC town.
    2. If you vandalize someone else's creation you will be immediately disqualified.
    3. You must build something yourself, you cant go into the wild, find something and claim it as yours
    4. Do not break any EMC rules in any way during this event or you will be disqualified.

    As of the time above I am the only person contributing to this Event, Please reply if you think i should change anything on here or if you would like to Contribute. We are looking for judges at this point and anyone wanting to help :)