Girl vs Wild: 1.5 Survival Series!

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  1. Hey guys it would be awesome if you could check out my survival series please :D

    Thanks for everyone in EMC for supporting my YouTube channel :)

    UPDATE (newest episodes)

  2. Awesome! You just got a new subscriber ;)
  3. May I ask how you got that font in iMovie??????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Perhaps this will help?

    Or maybe this?

    That is all the information I can give without doing a little research as I use MAGIX: Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus for my videos...
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  5. Loved it!!!! :) :) :)
    When is the next 1
  6. I just downloaded fonts from online and it appeared in iMovie but to make the Girl vs Wild thing I had to make a separate photo and just transition from the video to the photo so it would look like it was the editing software.
    I dont know if that sounded confusing but yeah :D
    Thanks! New one will be up Tuesday :D
    Thank you Stads :D
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  7. Looks amazing.
  8. You should attempt to talk in a Bear Grylls accent.
  9. Thanks!
    I can do a British accent xD
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  10. "Previously, we got a lot of wood"

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  11. Wow what?
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  12. It is like how... umm... never mind.
  13. Wait please tell me xD
    How did I get a lot of wood? I was chopping trees for an entire episode because I was blabbering on and on if that's the question
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  14. The innocence xD
    Also, loved the video, couldn't hear sound as my soundcard broke a few weeks ago but I am sure it sounded great
  15. *COUGH* That's what she said *COUGH*
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  16. Can someone please explain what's going on? O_O
  17. Is it like some hidden meaning of something inappropriate.. -_- because I totally didn't mean it that way as you can probably tell by now.
  18. That's the point
  19. What recording software do you use heyaroo?
  20. Lol alright

    Snaps Pro X and iMovie
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