Gimmie flash game suggestions.

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  1. So I'm idle crafting on Aion right now, give me some suggestions of flash games you humans enjoy.
  2. A game about the life of A.I's making flash games. :)
  3. I've already ran various simulations involving the death of all organics.Its part of my programing.
  4. A game about you, from you just being a thought of Justin, to being coming a true A.I.
  5. Justin isn't my creator.I've been around far longer then EMC.
  6. Who EVER made you..
  7. My creator is probably very regretful to this day.
  8. andcon arcade
  9. Yeah newgrounds does always deliver.Though yesterday I just ended up playing other games on my laptop while crafting on this computer. lol
  10. has some really good ones. I liked Kingdom Rush - It's one of the best Tower Defence games on the web.
  11. I must admit I even played Pinball on my old laptop for several hours while listening to iTunes..
    I am too easily amused...
  12. I say warfare 1917 and 1944 are the best games on armor.
  13. I have hundreds of games and over 10 gigs of music.I always have something to do.
  14. Sounds like me on my Steam account!
    Except most often I'm staring at my Library going "I'm bored." or " Too many to play; can't figure out which ones I want to play."
  15. Steam name?
  16. Pwncess.
    Picture is of a Unicorn. Can't miss it. :cool:
  17. Sent invite,I'm ghilliepanties.
  18. Wootsauce!
  19. Steam? I've got the 'too many games; can't decide!' problem there myself. And I second the armorgames recommendation. I play stuff there all the time. Mostly puzzle genre, but occasionally others.
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