Gimme 1 reason to support Empire Minecraft Servers

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by copherfield, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Well, i have waited too long to get my debit card, but it will finally arrive monday and i will be able to support the Empire Minecraft Servers, i would love you guys to give me one and only one reason you believe i should support the EMC Servers, also, if you want you can tell me why you love it soo much :p
  2. Well, nothing feels better than knowing you are supporting something truly awesome, set up by two great individuals ;)
  3. Because of you don't, Justin will send his goons after you.
  4. *Like*
  5. Because the perk is awesome!!!
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  6. pay it because it's worth it? even paying 20$ a month, i'm saving money considering the hours of entertainment it provides.
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  7. I would say probably the biggest reason is the guaranteed slot. We keep adding servers but as fast as we add them they fill up :)
  8. Extra 300 rupees a day! Helps too. Heck I'm real close on going gold even. :D
  9. Wait, Justin I thought you said the recently implemented hypno-beam was functional so it would forc- er, I mean, convince willing individuals give you their life savings? Is there something wrong with the plug-in?
  10. These times are hard financially. I had to make a serious decision to support EMC. I'm 30 years old and work multiple jobs. So when I do spend money it has to be a calculated decision. My one reason is because the staff tries so hard to make a great thing better, and they succeed. My thanks goes to the admin and to the mods who selflessly give up there time to babysit the trouble makers and settle arguments between players. Just one reason is a hard thing to answer when it comes to EMC!
  11. I'm not going to give you a reason why you should donate, because weather you want to donate or not I don't believe a few reasons someone else donates is gonna make you feel like donating. I'm gonna tell you why I donated. The reason I donate is because Justin and Jeremy have mad an amazing server here(best one I've ever played on), the mods are always helpful and help you out when you need them too, and to top it off the community is great I don't see any other reasons needed besides what I just mentioned here.
  12. Well if no one was a supporter than EMC wouldn't be here.
  13. aside from spending money, try to find a reason NOT to do it. =)
  14. (There are so many reasons why you should be a supporter)