[Gift Collection] ThePieNinja3000's Bday Gift Donation

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by minecraftgirl30, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hey EMC! minecraftgirl30 here from Smp1!
    My brother, ThePieNinja3000, has a birthday coming up (June 26th). For his birthday, I'm trying to collect any gift donations that the EMC community has to offer. Whether it's dirt or diamonds, I'm sure he'll be very thankful of your generous contributions.
    Just so you know, I'm rarely on any other EMC server than Smp1, so you'll probably find me there. (However, for about the whole week the event is in session I'm not going to be on EMC, unfortunately.)
    The gift collection will be on my res, 2634, on Smp1. There are hoppers at the entrance where you can drop presents (hey it rhymes... sort of ;)). This event will be for about a week.

    What: Gift donation
    When: from Tuesday, June 25th to Tuesday, July 2nd
    Where: Residence 2634 on SMP1 (Empire MineCraft)

    Rupee donations to ThePieNinja3000 for his birthday are also okay. Please give the rupees to either ThePieNinja3000 or me (minecraftgirl30). If you are giving the rupees to me, please leave a note in a book and quill saying the following:

    [your name] (optional)
    [amount of rupees given]
    [do you want the book & quill back? yes or no]

    If you do not 'sign' the book, I will give you a reasonable number of rupees back for giving me the free book and quill :). Either that or if I see you on, I will give you back the book upon request above.

    Again, thank you so much, EMC, for reading! I wish ThePieNinja3000 a happy birthday. I want to thank you guys again, and thanks to those who donate gifts!

    -minecraftgirl30 :)
    P.S. colored words are important!
  2. This is so kind of ya! I'll donate some good stuff!