Gift Cards Don't Work?

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  1. Ok i bought a gift card cause it was the only way to upgrade and it say's it doesn't even work.. Has anyone else been through this.. I wish we could pay with cell phones -_-
  2. Giftcard for what?
  3. Hey I just asked that!
    Giftcard for what?
  4. giftcards for paying for a membership

    EDIT: i meant that i think that she wants to use the gift card to pay for a membership
  5. He wants to know what the giftcard is for? seeing I don't believe EMC has giftcards?
  6. Exactly!
  7. Noo you can buy visa or mastercard gift cards pretty much any where and you can pay for stuff online if you don't have an actual credit card
  8. Oh so you bought a visa or MasterCard giftcard and tried to use it as your payment method and it says invalid code or something?
  9. Ya it just does not work. I really wish we had more methods of paying to be a supporter
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  10. My guess is that since the upgrade is paying monthly the giftcards can't be set up like that.They are probably only ment to be used as "one time" purchase.Not a monthly set-up.
  11. i've used gift cards for games like wow and they work but i first tried to upgrade with gift cards and it wouldnt work so i had to get my moms paypal
  12. Subscription based payments do not interfere with prepaid debit cards. Some cards are accessible by a website , in that website you can add your name address etc to confirm the payment. This may be why the card isn't working , since it cannot confirm the identify of the card holder. Creating a Paypal account and adding the card to it would probably be the best way.
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  13. thats what i do for starcraft and xbox
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  14. I suppose an easy way to get Supporter if you can't get a card to do it with is find a reputable member of the Community, Paypal them the sum and they set up the payment from their card.

    Trust, obviously, but it's the first idea that leaps to mind.
  15. u have to rust them and know them otherwise dont do it
  16. You should probly change that to trust them becaused that doesn't seem nice to rust someone :p
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