Gift Box up to 10k!

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  1. Hello players! I will be selecting 5 players from my Wish box to get items worth up to 10k! Here is how to qualify: Go to 3646 or my 2nd res and place a book saying what you want. (I do not supply books). You may ask for 1 to 2 things of your choice. I will be putting all the qualifiers into a random select program to select 5 winners! Notice: I do have 10 stacks of quartz! Its almost my 400th and lets celebrate! Thanks! Msg me if you have any questions!
  2. Books aren't supplied and can't be a voucher xD
  3. When will the drawing take place?
  4. Well, I haven't decided yet xD
  5. *Ears pricks up* Giving away quartz? *Rushes to wish box*
  6. Beacons? Are you giving them away?
  7. Ruppes 500k
  8. >_>
  9. I got this... Everyone, wish for a large hadron collider in Minecraft. That, or a computer that can run Minecraft inside of Minecraft which is inside a computer in Minecraft.
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