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  1. Here it everyone it is time
    To pick up you gift from the Pink Gift Box
    I was working really hard for this
    And even gave away my favorite promos to get some gifts
    So to the main point
    WHERE TO CLAIM: Go To SMP7 do /v 14355
    Take The TP Sign that says Gift Box that's on your Right Side Of You and go to the box with your name on it
    and open it and ta da its your gift
    I hope you all enjoy your gift
    Thanks for the fun
    XOXO t95
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  2. Did we have to sign up for it?
  3. Ya there was thread about it but its closed now sorry
  4. Ok so just a little FYI yes there was a gift where you can send in your book of the gift you want but it is closed now and this thread for those who put in there order and can come pick up there gift. And another thing is if you don't see your name above a box it's because you didn't pay attention to my other thread when I advertize so don't get mad. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for doing this, and I'm sorry you had to give away your favorite promos... :(
    I'll mail you something right after I pick my things up ;)
  6. Thanks for doing this! I wonder if I put my book in the hopper too late though..... oh well! xD
  7. Bumpin it Woot woot
  8. My gift box has my new name on it so i cant open it could you sort that? Thank you for doing this :D
  9. Same... Thank you tomijo
  10. Quack
    Thanks tomijo Got just what I wanted :D :D :D

    I saw the other chests you did, it's amazing how much chests you did.

    Stay kewl Tomijo

    im gonna hang your head in my Mega mall :3

    Edit: Auto correct fixed XD
  11. great job Tomi, FYI the access sign for justin88 need to be retyped. You made a typo
  12. Ok when I get back Sunday I'll change the chest to the right way please be patient with me
  13. OMG THANKS! IM really enjoying my blizzard nose!
  14. Thank you very much Tomijo! I just claimed my gift now :)
    It's people like you that really make me want to play on EMC.
    Thanks :)
  15. Your welcome ya'll
  16. Thanks so much!
    I am so excited to check it!
  17. I didn't get a Beacon but I got 3 stacks of Iron Blocks!
    *Same thing* xD
  18. Nunununu. They are NOT the same thing.
    Iron blocks aren't sweggy enough fo me.
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