[GIF WANTED] Slenderman GIF -3K Award-

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  1. THE AWARD IS NOW 4K!!!!!

    I am currently making a EPIC slenderman vanilla map that will be INDEED SCARY. :O Since minecraft physics are different, I will make a resource pack with the enderman having the slenderman skin. I will give him mining fatigue as well. When the slenderman hits you(looks at you), it will teleport you into a room with the slenderman gif.(The gif image that happens when slenderman found you and it shows only his head.)

    What I need is a gif of when you die(the dieing animation, but I need it in a GIF format.) . The gif cannot be small, it has to be big so it fits to the players screen(I will use a big painting.)

    If you find the image I am looking for you instantly get 3k. But there is a catch! If someone gets a better gif, THEY will get the rupees. Please find the animation, it doesn't matter if you record and and make it into a gif from playing the game, or finding on the internet. I just NEED that gif.
  2. Bumpy award now 4K
  3. Already found the gif, thread can now be closed. <-- Moderators