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  1. So I started building a stone tower today on my SMP3 lot 7470. Im looking for donations of smooth stone, rupees, or sellers of smooth stone. I plan to extend the tower up at least 80 blocks. It has a 40 block interior diameter and will have a floor every seven blocks. Any help will be appreciated and will go on the wall of donors :D
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  2. Bump, I really need people to sell to me or donate. I've bought out all the major stores on SMP3 and the ones I find on the others smps. If you know of a store let me know :D


    Every floor is 6 blocks high, there are currently 3 floors with the 4th being laid. On the sides there are crossed shaped windows and I am also looking into wrapping wool around the tower.
  3. Wow ill create some smooth stone tonight when i get on!!

    Let me know a Price...

    3808 smp2 :)
  4. Try 4421, SMP2. I haven''t been on recently so I'm not sure if I sold out. :)
  5. A cobble gen and a wall of furnaces should help out a bit, then it's just a matter of keeping the coal/fuel stocked to run them.
  6. I buy at 52R a stack

    They were out :(

    I'm to lazy :p
  7. I'm also busy with my tower atm, I can assure you that stone is hard to find. And without the supporter rupees I get every day I wouldn't be able to get this far. My tower is about 37x37 and its now 200 blocks high :) Check it out at SMP7: 14140

    edit: I'll give you a tip. Put your tpset on the wall, every time you go higher the TP will go higher to. So you dont need the dirt stairs all around
  8. Ok cool ill try to keep you supplied! Im at work now so when i get home ill get some stone going and pm you on here :)
  9. Was building a similar tower in the wild on SMP1 until 1.2 update made it obvious that we would have to reset the wild.

    It has a diameter of 63 blocks and the height from the wood band to top was 16 blocks (I think the wood band was at an altitude of 84) when I decided it was futile to continue (was planing on it tapering to a point at max height). Inside I had a bank of 8 furnaces going constantly (7 cobblestone->stone, 1 logs -> charcoal). The trees where there to provide logs. By the time I had place 7x64 stone blocks and harvested a stack of logs the furnaces had finished. One problem I encountered was mobs spawning on top of the walls when I was on the other side of tower but you will not have that problem.
  10. Does Charcoal burn as long as Coal?
  11. Charcoal is the exact same as coal. 8 pieces of charcoal will cook 64 items in a furnace.
  12. build a clean stone generator?
  13. D1223M sells Smooth 50r per stack, and he has a full double chest I believe?
  14. erm, megatu XD did you check /v pietza on SMP 1 yet :D? Lets compare towers ey XD
  15. Oh that's nice. Whenever I was out of coal, I'd always use wooden planks, but it'd probably be more fuel efficient to turn the wood into charcoal and use that.
  16. Very nice tower so far!:)
  17. indeed :p
  18. His one isn't higher than mine ^^ Check 14140 on smp7
  19. It's really cool;)
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