Giant Messaging System.

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  1. Me and warlockmii have been working hard on a giant Messaging System. It features 290 changable pixels, it's width is 50 Blocks, and it's length is 3 Blocks (including Redstone Torches and Levers).

    If you want to view this Messaging Stystem, then please head to residence 14261 aka warlockmii-4.

    If you want a message posted please ask warlockmii, or corn3000.

    THANKS FOR READING! ;) 2012-05-25_19.41.37.png 2012-05-25_19.41.18.png Sorry For Blur! 2012-05-25_19.41.18.png
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  2. Please can people check this out, it's on my 4th res
  3. It sounds great.. what does it do?
  4. Which server is it on?
  5. When you pull certain levers it will make a message out of redstone torches.
  6. smp.7
  7. it takes a while to write, but it's still pretty cool