Giant Jungle Tree after 1.5

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  1. The problem: giant jungle trees don't seem to grow anymore after the bonemeal nerf. I used a few bonemeal stacks to make 4 saplings grow, first using it in one sapling and then using it in all of them, but it didn't work.

    It's not a big issue, just another little thing to add to the list :p
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  2. Going to have to go back to waiting for them to grow...
  3. This is apparently a vanilla bug too, happens in SSP someone said.
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  4. Didn't think of allowing them to grow on their own, I'll try that, thanks.
  5. Does anyone know of the logic behind the new bone meal nerf? I can't wrap my head around it.
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  6. actually it looks like its not a vanilla issue, but potentially spigot..
  7. Instead of fully growing a plant instantly, it grows it 1-3 stages.
  8. Doesn't wheat take 7 stages?
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  9. I'd be so happy if this turns out to be a bug and bonemeal is its usual way.
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  10. That stinks.
  11. When i used bonemeal on wheat it took only 1-3 stages usually sometimes 4 stages but that was the farthest stage I got.
  12. this bonemeal issue is driving me nuts.. it is indeed on my single player game, i was so frustrated that it just... sparkles, and never grows. >.< hopefully it shall be fixed soon. :D
  13. I do like the sparkles though. :p
  14. jeb wants to ruin minecraft
  15. :confused:
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  16. This is If your tree has noting near it.

    For Tree machines or tree farms, I have commonly had to use 12 or more bonemeal to get 1 sapling to grow :(.