Giant flaming shop sign!

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  1. OK, at adress 12102, I have a medium-sized shop, and I am building a giant flaming Netherrack sign over it. The problem is, I built it already, but two of the letters are shorter than the other two, and the "P" is too skinny because I ran out of space in my res. I am going to take the whole thing down and start over, so any suggestions on what to make it say?
  2. I'm not a fan of big text hovering over a res actually. People mostly come to you by port anyways and they only do so if they have a reason (like they know already you have a good shop). For those who come by like this it would be nicer to have a cool looking res, they just have to explore and finding your shop then a huge sign there is a shop here. Don't you think?
  3. Well, it is a successful marketing tactic on other servers. Also, it is just flatout COOL!
    I used up an entire stone pick gathering the Netherrack that makes up that thing!
  4. Wow -- a whole stone pick, huh? Push me over with a feather...
    Personally, I think giant flaming signs are lame. :p
  5. like a BOSS.
  6. Really didnt want to say it ^^
  7. If you think giant flaming signs are lame, then why are you even viewing this thread?
  8. Just keeping myself apprised of the current situation.
  9. OK then. Now, the giant flaming signs are successful marketing tactics on other servers I used to play on.
  10. Haters gonna hate.

    Haters gonna hate.

    I think its awesome imo. Tell me if you need items for the shop!, if my ban gets lifted, ill help you out (i don't get many sales)
  11. Thanks. Also, I saw your Nether Wart farm - NW will not grow in the overworld!
    If you do get a nether wart farm going, I would appreciate it if you would sell me some. I plan to start stocking potions sometime in the near future.
  12. I think th flaming sign thing sounds cool (-:
    Its up to you what you put on your res so why not make teh most of it eh? (-:
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  13. Yep, that's about it. Also, I have a ton more Netherrack now, so I'm considering adding a giant flaming "47632" (my favorite number) to the other side of my lot. Or should it say "12102" (my res number)?
  14. What the hell?
    If he wants the sign he can ahv eteh sign. No need to grill teh guy
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  15. I think your res number...cause people would get it (-:
  16. Isnt that me saying he is entitled to do what he wants?

    either way he came here for opinions/suggestions, now he feels attacked by ppl suggesting not to build it?

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  17. Well, I know quite a few people who will tp to a res, see something interesting at a nearby res, and be drawn toward that. Also, how are you classifying me as a bragger? You are just trying to put me down so that YOUR shop will get more business (because you have one, don't you?). Also, what is the significance of not flying? You can clearly see it from the ground. Also, you said that no one has giant flaming signs? All the better for me! It's unique.

    P.S. Never get in an argument with twinchicken86. You will lose.
  18. 1.- I dont have a shop and never will I PLAY LEGIT and get my own stuff
    2.- View distance is set to 10 chunks = 160x160 blocks (with residences being 60x60) u can barely see past your neighbors
    3.- A great building is more interesting for a MC player than a huge "SHOP" sign
    4.- If you will still make it, why u came after suggestions opinionss on WHAT TO DO?
    5.- Yet you came here asking that and feel attacked by those who doesnt agree with you?

    /surrender... LOOLOLOLOLOL
  19. If you play legit, then why don't you just join a pvp server then?