ghast problmes

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  1. so im at my blaze farm and it completly cut off in a small ish square and random ghasts keep shooting at me even thow not seen me at all and thay keep getting close to messeing up my blaze farm is this sumin messed up
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  3. it needed it lol, thank you.
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  5. I've heard that if a ghast spawns in a small enclosed area, they can see you through walls. When we had Ghastageddon a month or so ago, I kept having them spawn stuck in a tube way over my grinder and they kept blasting a burning tunnel through the netherrack to me even though the area was completely enclosed in netherbrick. Even though they couldn't get to me the sound was annoying and they made a big mess.

    All they need to spawn is a cubic 4 block space near you over a non-transparent block. If you have an area where this is happening you could add netherrack to that area to stop them.