ghast fishing

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by emtec121, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I think i found the next best way to kill ghast just grab it with a fishing rod and pwn it with ya sword very fun :p
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  2. Yes i use this method very much lol
    its very effective on creepers to XD
    Creeper fishing is a must try for everyone :p
  3. Yes! Someone finally realized how useful they are outside of getting your seafood fix. Fishing rods are misleadingly named; they should be called Massive Mob Entrapment Devices (MMED).
  4. what i would love now is if thay made it do if you say left click after hiting a wall with hook you should fly towerds it lol
  5. lets fish some enderdragons..yeaaaaa :)
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  6. Never tried it! I suppose it's better than being blown up every night though! :D
  7. I've never tried it either, but I think being blown up is exactly what will happen if you try, haha. ;)
  8. I've tried it with endermen I advise not to try it gave me so much lag I guess thats because of my old laptop (which could be the reason why I can't play minecraft at the moment :(
  9. Sounds fun!
  10. ... like the hookshot in Zelda ...
    anybody else remember that?
  11. It is VERY fun lol
    I would do it more often but my computer dosent run the nether well sometimes lol