Ghast catching!

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  1. Hello all.

    I am in need of people to help catch ghasts in mine carts! I need three. I need them to knock the pigmen off my monster gold farm. Of you would like to help, reply below! You also get to use the gold farm on completion.

    ~ boozle628
  2. Why not, I'm in. But can u explain how to catch a ghost in minecart ? (i got sc of minecarts i think)
  3. Okay ill do it if ya want is it okay if some of mai friends help?
  4. All ya need is a fishing rod
  5. Yeah.

    Also, there are a few other mob farms there, please do not grief. It results in a permaban.
  6. I'm up for it if u need more help. Which smp?
  7. I could lend a hand as well
  8. It is on smp8.
  9. Bump. Current list:

    Thank you! We have all the people we need!