GG Iron Market

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  1. People have been using iron for anvils. Now anvils are Infinite.

  2. Anvils aren't exactly the biggest use of iron.
    Think rails, pistons, etc.

    EDIT: Also, from a bit of experience, the blockdata glitches aren't reliable, likely to get patched, and don't work as well on EMC as they should.
    Also, it's a exploit, soo...
  3. ...aaaaand patched :)
    At least if Mojang don't, Aikar might, this is a very big bug exploit.
  4. Yesterday I msg'd Aikar this... He should have fixed it.
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  5. I read that it will not work on multiplayer?
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  6. also i hardly think this would break the iron economy. most big shops offer free anvil use anyways and theres tons lying around emc
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  7. Now this suddenly broke on SMP.... IDK why.
  8. Probably because:

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