Getting to know fellow Empire Minecraftians!

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  1. Well as the title states I want to get to know my fellow Empireminecraftians! How was your day? What did you build on EMC? Share how you were today, I want to
  2. It's been good.
  3. Awful.I built nothing..Cuz I can't get on the server for a week.
    is this used for a good purpose...?;)
  4. Yes I want to get to know the players I play with.
  5. Well, I live on smp5. I run the cheapest shop on emc. (Or at least I try.) I'm an expert with redstone, I got all of my training with my friend Andy when we were making a portable multi-console. I have 59 skins as of now, and I've yet to use one I didn't make. I've been practicing with MS paint to hone my skills. (<-Profile Pic) And I don't talk much.
  6. My day was good, I made my first ever mob grinder and thats about all.
  7. Miserable. I tried going to one wild community, but i got really really lost :(.
  8. I live on a boat.

    And I am a terrorist.

    Long story.

    How bout them auctions, eh?
  9. Well I had an ok day... Spent a lot of time in Single Player, designing a secret project for EMC, (that I can never tell everybody about- for fear of griefing *sigh*) But also got to make some mulah, scooping Ice cream :cool:
  10. I'm vacationing in SoCal, I went to the beach twice, had an epic dinner, and watched the Olympic opening ceremony. It's been a cool day.
  11. Arugh my day... Ive been dealing with little brats that lost data that was stored on there C:\ Drives - They expected me to magically retrieve it from a server backup..

    As for EMC I have been finding glass to stock a shop I help run..

    More importantly how was your day?