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  1. So, yesterday I had some guy smash my family's car Window and take everything of value. My laptop was one of those items...

    Anyways I have $1000 to work with and buy a new laptop. I know absolutely nothing about laptop stuff so if anyone can help me find a new laptop worth approx $1000 it would mean a lot :). Basically try to find the best laptop for my money. Thanks guys!
  2. I am a PC guy, built my own computer, own three laptops, and two surface tablets; however, I just bought the new macbook air. I've got to say, as a frequent traveler, it is quite handy, easy to use, and extremely light and fairly study. If you can snag $200 more dollars, I would go for the Macbook pro. I got one of those also for school, and they are great too! If you are a day-to-day user, I highly recommend the air, but if you are a power user, I would look at the Pro. If you are a gamer, i have to recommend an Asus. I got one two years back, and have not had any issues whatsoever! Runs like a charm with an I5 processor, 16 GB of Ram, upgraded 750 GB HD and built to last. Even though I don't own an alienware, i have heard some great things about the device: sturdy, and great for gaming!
    Hope this helps!
  3. I rather build a computer than buy a laptop since you can update parts when they become obsolete and it's cheaper...
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  4. Alienware are good but over priced dont go razer blade those are a rip like cul1002 said Asus are good but in myopinion the best laptops vcome from origin pc
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